Tele-Station 5

Telescope Stations

The Tele-Station 5 walk in split roof observatory has been developed for locations where space is limited to permit the travel of a single roof, or if a customer preference is not to have any roof support beams extending out of the side of the observatory. The Tele-Station5 roof slides in two parts away from each other, and the support beams for both halves of the roof overlap on the sides of the observatory, rendering a very clean and compact design. The two aluminum roof segments each consist of five panels and overlapping for an excellent waterproof roof structure.

The Tele-Station5 is designed as a walk in stand-alone building.

Included Features of the Tele-Station 5 Split Roof Roof Observatory


• All aluminum construction with Aluminum panels making it 100% corrosion resistant and maintenance free, no painting or staining required, ever!

• Aluminum panels are available in 12 colors, standard.

• Insulated wall panels keep the observatory cool in the hot sun.

• Roof is white for low heat absorption.

• Lockable, keeping your astronomy equipment safe.

• Do it yourself installation. You don't need to hire a contractor to install our observatories!! Installation is a snap due to our modular design!

• Unlike observatories made from wood, the all aluminum Tele-Station will not warp and sag over time

Wind Test:

The Tele-Station2 was wind tested on November 3, 2007. This test was accomplished in another application, our Star Traveler Mobile Observatory. Both the Tele-Station 5 and the Star Traveler are built with the same components and design features both on the main building portion and roof. The Star Traveler was wind tested when it was driven from Chicago, Illinois to College Station, Texas, a trip of 1100 miles, at an average speed of 60 MPH, on an average of 6 hour intervals.

Unique features of the Tele-Station 5:

• Unlike other roll-off roof observatories, the Tele-Station 5 can be totally disassembled and re-assembled in the event that you have to relocate it!

• Easy installation! Walls and roof bolt together using one (1) tool, a supplied Allen wrench!!!

• Unique roof design. Aluminum roof comes in 5 sections, and have overlapping seams for a complete waterproof design.

• No permanent roller track supports, our observatories have extendable track supports that roll out with the roof making it more esthetically pleasing.

• The Tele-Station 5 can be operated as a fully remote observatory system with the Pier-Tech 2 or Pier-Tech 3 along with our Advanced Observatory Control Software & Hardware from the comfort of your own home or from another part of the world, with our optional Wi-Fi or Cell tower communication module.

• With the use of our patented height adjustable pier, you can raise the telescope to view above the Tele-Station 5 wall. This allows unobstructed views from the horizon to the zenith in all directions.

Roll Off Roof Observatory Advantages:

• Unlike a dome, the Tele-Station 5 does not require complex motors and electronics to move the roof as the telescope follows the sky.

• The Tele-Station reaches thermal equilibrium faster than a dome, and does not create a chimney effect as hot air rises out the open slit of the dome.

• Permits an unobstructed view of the sky for naked eye observations and wide field piggyback astrophotography.

• The Tele-Station 5 can be dressed to match your home. Our unique aluminum framing has slots that run along the entire Tele-Station sidewalls allowing custom cladding to be mounted to it

Additional Features:

• The Tele-Station 5 can also be operated manually.

• Just tell us what type of telescope and mount you have, and we will take care of the rest.

• Can be anchored to any type of floor with our supplied anchoring system.